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Treatments for Punctured Lung Injuries Resulting from Atlanta Car Crashes

Treatments for Punctured Lung Injuries Resulting from Atlanta Car Crashes

After a serious Atlanta car crash has left a person with difficulty breathing and pain in their chest, It is possible they have suffered a lung injury. A doctor can detect the injury just by listening to the lungs and heart, and visually checking the lips and nail beds for a bluish color. However, a lung injury isn’t always immediately apparent and may require further testing.
In those cases, a doctor will typically take a chest X-Ray or computed tomography (CT) scan to determine if the lung was punctured in the crash. Other tests a doctor may order include:

  • Bronchoscopy to evaluate the lungs with a viewing tube
  • Blood tests to determine if there is an infection
  • Arterial blood gas test to reveal if there are levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
  • Heart tests to rule out heart failure
  • Sputum cultures to reveal the cause of the infection
Some lung injuries in Georgia heal on their own, others may need treatments including:
  • A needle or syringe inserted into the chest to remove excess air
  • A chest tube inserted to allow the lung to expand
  • A ventilator
  • Bed rest and elevation of the bed
  • Close monitoring
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medications
If your Atlanta car crash caused a lung injury that has left you with short-term or long-term problems, you may be entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.


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