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Atlanta Accident Attorney Discusses Reasons for Elderly Accidents

Atlanta Accident Attorney Discusses Reasons for Elderly Accidents

Atlanta Injury Blog > 2012 > March > Atlanta Accident Attorney Discusses Reasons for Elderly Accidents

Aging is a fact of life. So is the need to drive. Unfortunately, aging affects an elderly driver’s ability to drive safely. Elderly drivers, especially those over 85-years-old, have a harder time concentrating, making snap decisions and reacting quickly – all things all drivers need to be able to do in order to avoid Atlanta auto accidents.

Elderly drivers tend to avoid the highways and driving at higher speeds because they generally don’t feel as comfortable behind the wheel anymore. Although elderly drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents at high speeds due to their avoidance of the highway, they are still involved and injured in violent crashes.

Older drivers are more likely than younger drivers to crash at intersections. This is because senior drivers are more likely to run red lights, to miss stop signs, and to pull out in front of oncoming traffic because they didn’t see approaching vehicles or because their reflexes weren’t as fast as they used to be. These actions have led to injuries and fatalities for both elderly drivers and innocent motorists they hit.

Traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers in Georgia and throughout this nation occur due to the following reasons:

  • Failing eyesight
  • Poor reflexes and lack of flexibility
  • Memory problems
  • Focus and concentration issues

Additionally, many seniors take various medications that cause sleepiness and disorientation, which make it difficult to make smart decisions and stay safe behind the wheel. Often, the side-effects of medications are one of the biggest factors in Atlanta accidents involving elderly drivers.

If you were injured by an elderly driver’s negligence, you need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit for your damages. Although it may be difficult to file a claim against an elderly person, justice needs to be sought and lessons need to be learned so that potential future accidents and injuries could be prevented.

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