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Alpharetta Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Riding Safely With "Cargo"

Alpharetta Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Riding Safely With "Cargo"

Atlanta Injury Blog > 2012 > May > Alpharetta Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Riding Safely With "Cargo"

Alpharetta Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Riding Safely With “Cargo”

As summer is approaching, many people are getting their bicycles ready to ride. If you are planning to ride your bicycle more this summer—perhaps to work, or for running errands—you may need to carry your lunch, paperwork, or other items back and forth to the office or groceries back from the store.

However, a bicyclist’s hands should always remain on the handlebars for safety and not carry anything else. So, how can you carry those items with you while riding a bicycle, if your hands should be on the handlebars?

There are many options cyclists have available for carrying gear that include:

  • Daypack. Daypacks sit on a cyclist’s back and balance the load between the shoulders. This option provides the most stability because it attaches to the biker and it balances the load.
  • Messenger bag. Bike messengers have slung bags over their shoulders for years. Similarly, messenger bags are available for cyclists looking to take their laptops and paperwork with them. However, these bags are not as stable as daypacks.
  • Basket. Baskets can be attached to the front of the bike and provide an alternative to carrying items attached to a bicyclist. Groceries or other items can be placed inside the basket for easy transportation.
  • Saddlebag. This option is for small items, as the bag attaches under the seat.
  • Handlebar bag. This carrying option attaches to the handlebars and also carries only small items.

If you are planning on taking items with you while cycling, figure out which gear bag fits your needs and then practice with it by cycling around a parking lot before traveling in or around traffic. This may help to avert an unnecessary Alpharetta bike crash.

No matter what type of pack you may be carrying with you while cycling, if you were injured by no fault of your own in a Georgia cycling accident, you may have rights to a financial recovery. Call an experienced Alpharetta bicycle accident lawyer at The Kalka Law Group for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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