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Texting While Driving is Similar to Drunk Driving

Texting While Driving is Similar to Drunk Driving

People are constantly hearing about the bad effects of texting while driving, but continue to text from behind the wheel. In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that over 20 percent of traffic accidents in 2011 were due to distracted drivers using their cell phones. This equates to over one million traffic accidents caused by the use of cell phones. The numbers indicate that about 100,000 drivers reported to be texting and the rest were talking on their cell phones.

If motorists know that texting while driving has contributed to car crashes in Atlanta and throughout the country, why wouldn’t drivers want to stop texting and driving?

Despite the numbers, most drivers do not believe that an accident will happen to them. Many feel like they can multitask behind the wheel safely. Such an opinion is frightening, because no one is capable of staying safe while distracted behnd the wheel. Studies show that even when drivers have had close calls, they will continue to text and drive because they do not believe they will become an accident statistic.

When a person is texting, they are just as unsafe a driver as someone driving while drunk.

The majority of people would never drive drunk, but they do send text messages or use hand-held cell phones while driving. Research from the University of Utah found that using a cell phone while driving—either a hands-free or hand-held cell phone—delays the driver’s reactions as much as having a 0.08% blood alcohol concentration.

When drivers text and talk while driving, their focus changes from driving to their conversations. If drivers who text and talk on their cell phones are considered to be in the same category as drunk drivers, shouldn’t they reconsider their actions? Although there are some restrictions for teen and bus drivers, the majority of drivers can use phones behind the wheel.

If Atlanta auto accidents are increasing due to the use of cell phones, then maybe there needs to be stricter laws and harsher penalties for drivers who participate in texting while driving. Motorists in Georgia need to be aware that the issue of texting and driving is now as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. In fact, it is more dangerous because more people participate in texting while driving than drinking and driving. If a negligent driver has injured you in an Atlanta car accident, he or she may have been distracted at the wheel.

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