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Read what our former clients have to say about our personal injury firm. Our award-winning attorneys share over 30 years of collective experience and are nationally recognized by numerous legal organizations. As a results-driven firm, we have recovered millions of dollars for injury victims; we are prepared to represent you as well.
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  • I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way.

    “After consulting with a "big-time" Personal Injury Law Firm, you know the type that you'll routinely see signs for and hear ad's on the radio for as you drive to work, I certainly felt like "another number" and a commission check versus a human being with concerns. The Kalka Law Group was available on the first phone call and took their time to answer ALL my questions and put me at ease about my process after I had been rear-ended in a car accident. They helped a complete novice navigate the seemingly treacherous waters of law jargon, car appraisals, insurance companies and the seemingly never-ending battles with health insurance providers and hospital bills. I can't thank The Kalka Law Group enough for taking care of the process and helping me from my first phone call to coming into his office to sign off on my settlement check. I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way and would recommend The Kalka Law Group to ANYONE who needs a good personal injury lawyer!!!”

    Shaun B.

  • You saved me: mentally, physically and financially.

    “Tony Kalka is an Extraordinary Attorney, I can never thank enough. If it had not been for Tony Kalka, I would not be physically or logically writing this. He literally saved me from having a nervous breakdown. And after speaking to 4 other attorneys – he put my mind at ease immediately and I felt safe and secure. I didn’t have to worry about anything, he told me facts and said all I needed to do was get well, it was his job to handle everything else so I could have peace of mine and heal. Has an attorney ever told you that? I do not know of any. At the time, I couldn’t even think straight or remember things, car accidents are not fun...and some Insurance Companies prey on victims not caring if they are hurt or not or how it will affect their life. 30 years ago that happened to me, the worst head-on collision that could happen and I was in my early 20's. The other party ran a light and literally landed into my Honda Civic at that time. They had to cut me out of the car; I could not remember anything and when the insurance company pressured me, I looked for an attorney. I was so hurt I couldn't even remember the ones I knew so I picked one out of the yellow pages. That was a huge mistake, but I was young and really hurt bad and needed help. My car was paid for. But, I had used it as a loan and the bank demanded money right then. The attorney sent me to his doctor on his list and told me I had to settle for $5000.00. I had 3 jobs...made good money and I couldn't work or think or finish a sentence for two years. It was a nightmare, so when this accident happened all I could think of was the past and I knew I was hurt badly, fortunately being older now I had learned my mistakes. It's been almost two years since this accident happened and Tony has been with me every step of the way and handled everything. I interviewed 5 attorneys, he was the last one and he was nice enough to come to my home and talk to me. He spoke to me like a person, he wasn't in it for the quick buck...he was concerned and recommended to me who to go to. He kept me informed and took care of all issues....I just needed to get well and he helped me with that (I will not list the insurance company involved), but I was really concerned when I found out the person who rear-ended me at a high speed only had liability and it was the same insurance company that pushed me into settling for $5000.00, which didn't cover doctor bills or lost income or my sanity, plus I had no car. Tony Kalka told me not to worry that was his job and things would be done fairly and told me just to get well. He is the best attorney I have ever known and one that "cares" about his clients. That is rare and priceless. He is a family and businessman that has integrity, passion and pride in his work, and looks after his clients first. Thank God, a friend helped choose the attorneys to interview, and he was on the list, and I saved him for last since his office was so far. But, now I would fly or drive anywhere to have him as my attorney; because he is a genuinely honest man that represents and cares about justice for his client. Thank you, Tony, I would have lost everything if it had not been for you...and anyone can email me or call me for a reference. I know a lot of people in the legal fields, but you really outshine them all and if I could tell the world I would...I do not give compliments or reviews normally but when someone goes way beyond the call of duty... People need to know who you are and what you can do! I cannot thank you enough, being 57 years old is hard enough, but a car accident is a nightmare and you saved me: mentally, physically and financially.”

    M. Kay W.

  • They are honest which allows you to make an intelligent decision.

    “I would recommend The Kalka Law Group. I was hit and the person left the scene. Tony sat me down and laid out all the next steps be followed. He did what he had advised and everything turned out just right. They are honest which allows you to make an intelligent decision.”


  • Best Injury lawyers in town

    “Bo helped my wife settle her claim for a fair amount when the insurance company tried to bully us. He was very professional and accessible. His knowledge is unparalleled. We settled the claim without having to go to court for the more than double what the insurance company offered us. Thanks again Bo. If we’re ever in need of an attorney again, I know where to go!!!!”

    Thanks Bo!!!!

  • Tony is compassionate and was considerate of our family situation.

    “We were traveling to our mountain home on Thursday of Memorial Day weekend, and we heard the news that our fifth daughter (age-wise) was in some kind of extraordinarily serious accident. We diverted from our route and headed to the hospital -- our minds gasping for any and all hope for our dear child. Our daughter lived for less than 48 hours. Anthony (Tony) Kalka was called by a member of our family. Within a few days while we were coping in only an imaginary way to the loss of our child, Tony arrived to our city late at night (being kept in the air for hours from a severe storm) and met with us after midnight to start the process in her wrongful death case. Tony is not an "ambulance chaser;" he is a smart, talented, creative attorney who knows when a strong case can be made against a defendant. Tony is compassionate and was considerate of our family situation. He proved our case by checking every box of inquiry possibly and was always one step ahead of the defense attorneys. During the mediation, I was struck by his detail, his photographs, maps, and argument that was to-the point and meaningful. If anyone has such a tragic event, in their lives, Tony is the attorney to whom to turn. He will be forever in your memory as not only a good lawyer, but a member of your family.”

    Previous Client

  • They got my son a fantastic settlement that he is very happy with.

    “Tony Kalka and his whole team did a great job for my son when he was seriously injured in a car accident. Tony came to our house on several occasions to discuss the case which was not easy for him as we live quite a ways away. He gave us his personal number and was accessible when ever we needed him. Unfortunately we even had to call him on a weekend but Tony was there for us! He was very professional yet also personable at the same time. My sons injuries included a fractured C5 vertebra which when it didn't heal correctly, required surgery to replace it with a titanium replacement. This was unforeseen by even his doctor just a month before and I was very worried that my sons settlement would evaporate under the enormous costs of the surgery. This is where Tony and his team were the most amazing! They got my son a fantastic settlement that he is very happy with. Tony Kalka and his team are not only very good at what they do but they are decent honest people with good character and big hearts.”

    Jeff R.

  • Mr. Kalka has adequately demonstrated to be the highest quality and an excellent choice.

    “In the Fall of 2013, I was involved in an accident with a commercial truck that I drive daily and another vehicle, resulting in some extensive injuries to myself. Not knowing to whom I should turn to for legal help, I was referred to Tony Kalka to represent my case. Promptly, Mr. Kalka and his assistant attorney, Renee, collectively worked to prove my case a success. I am here to recommend Tony Kalka to anyone that desires a knowledgeable attorney that is efficient and thorough for a lawsuit victory. Mr. Kalka has adequately demonstrated to be the highest quality and an excellent choice.”


  • He helped me close a painful chapter of my life and I am deeply grateful.

    “A year after my hit-and-run auto accident, I was released from medical treatment and made repeated attempts over the next five months to write my own demand letter to no avail. Out of sheer frustration (and albeit a little desperation), I’d made contact via the internet and heard back from the team at The Kalka Law Group within minutes (even thereafter, an attorney always responded to my calls and e-mails expeditiously). They took the time to listen to my story and validated my experience. Immediately after The Kalka Law Group agreed to represent me, my mind was set at ease. I was anticipating a long and arduous mediation process, but their attorneys navigated me through it while lessening the burden on me. Four months from the day that I contacted his office, my case was settled pre-trial and I was free to resume my life.”

    Denise D.

  • I would recommend this firm without a doubt; Caroline and her team are very professional.

    “Caroline and her team are very professional; she updated me regularly on my case. She also ensures that all information communicated to me was correct. I would recommend this firm without a doubt. Good job.”

    Dobson Collins

  • The Kalka Law Group represented me in a very professional way. They and all of their staff were great.

    “This company, The Kalka Law Group, represented me in a very professional way. They and all of their staff were great. I was all but signed up with one of those auto accident firms routinely seen advertising on TV, but before I signed I actually saw something about The Kalka Law Group, whom I'd never heard of, and the reviews were great. I decided to give them a shot, and as I said before, Yisel was totally up to the challenge. She eagerly helped me with every issue, and as a result, I am compelled to award her the five (5) stars that she earned.”

    Frankie B.

  • I'm not sure what I would have done without The Kalka Law Group.

    “There are no words to express how grateful I am you both. I was extremely stressed about how things would tum out given that my CS, C6, and C7 vertebrae were fractured and herniated. Tony was my angel in disguise and worked to make sure my health was good as well as everything else. I'm not sure what I would have done without The Kalka Law Group. Their staff was very helpful in addressing my concerns. Tony - I appreciate your work and all you have done for me. I will refer everyone I know to you. Thank you for everything.”

    M Morgan

  • I cannot thank you enough for the hard work, diligence and time you put forth on my personal injury case.

    “I cannot thank you enough for the hard work, diligence and time you put forth on my personal injury case. At all times you displayed professionalism, integrity and compassion. Empathizing with daily ailments as a result of my injuries, you showed genuine interest and concern for my well-being. Your kindness throughout this process has helped me to endure the many hurdles we faced during this difficult case. I'm confident you were able to obtain the best outcome for me given the circumstances. I highly recommend your staff of professionals to anyone needing quality representation. I wish you much, success and many blessings in the future.”

    C Icemp

  • I would highly recommend using Tony Kalka!

    “I was left with a lot of pain in my neck and back from the accident. Tony was able to deal directly with both insurance companies and my chiropractor in order to get me the best possible settlement for my car accident. Everything was dealt with in a timely manner and I was well informed throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend using Tony Kalka!”


  • These guys are my heroes.

    “In may I was involved in a no fault head on collision that left me in a coma and broken feet, broken pelvis, nerve damage etc. I was in the hospital for three months and a physical rehab center for another three. I was nearly killed. I was told over and over that the out come of my case looked bleak by others,but this company provided more than I could have asked for. They fought for more than the best possible out come and then extended themselves again and again on a personal level in kindness as well.As the victim of a hit and run and being surrounded by over worked, underpaid health care professionals, I had a pretty disillusioned attitude towards people by the time this company started to represent me, But these guys at The Kalka Law Group impressed upon me that there are still good ones out there.”

    Kent D.

  • Amazing Law Firm Goes Above and Beyond

    “This is my second time using this firm for personal injury matters. As before, Bryan was attentive to my needs and fully explained the process. It was reassuring to know that my case would be handled quickly and competently. They were able to resolve my case to my satisfaction. I highly recommend this firm, and should I find myself in unfortunate circumstances a third time, they will be my first call.”


  • Amazing Job!!!!

    “Amazing job on my case. Matthew Broun handle my case with professionalism and dignity. Anytime I had questions he was there to answer them. This will be the law firm I go to for any future needs.”

    Angelique Turner

  • Mr. Kalka and his staff were always very professional and easy understand.

    “Mr. Kalka and his staff were always very professional and easy understand. The outcome of my case was more than I expected. I would definitely recommend The Kalka Law Group.”


  • I highly recommend them.

    “Being involved in an auto accident is mentally and emotionally draining not to mention any physical injuries one suffers and the financial impact that occurs as a result of injuries. My car was totaled. I was injured and the other party was at fault with no valid driver's license and was an illegal alien. The stress of my accident was completely relieved when I contacted and worked with The Kalka Law Group, specifically, Alfred Evans. He handled EVERYTHING for me. He is the consummate professional keeping me informed all along the way until my case was settled...and to my complete satisfaction. At settlement Alfred made sure there would be no future repercussions for me too. I could now put this terrible experience behind me. The Kalka Law Group far exceeded my expectations...and they are just the nicest people you'd want to meet. I highly recommend them.”

    Barbara R.

  • I am truly lucky, lucky to survive a semi truck and lucky to have found you guys!!

    “An accident is a terrifying experience.. I had my first car accident on January 25th, 2018. I was hit by a semi truck on I-75, I drive a tiny, 2 seater BMW. I truly thought I was gonna get crushed. I was taken to the hospital, I had a head injury, I knew this was gonna be a fortune. I didn’t know what to do! After an extensive research, reading reviews after reviews, I decided on Kalka & Baer Law Firm for my personal injury case, and I am thankful that I did. I met with attorney Caroline Owings, she was patient and thoroughly explained the process to me, she assured me she would work diligently to take care of everything, she told me not to worry and just get better. I knew immediately I was in good hands. She did exactly that. I also worked with her assistants, Christine Carol and Allison, I had an overall excellent experience. Caroline and her team are honest, trustworthy, and personable. Whenever I had a question, they quickly, within an hour, they would respond, always taking the time to explain everything to me and made sure I understood what was going on. They kept me well informed throughout the entire process, Caroline and Christine, were so caring and supportive, that I almost felt like I was their only client, even though I know that’s not the case. In just a few months, and lots of negotiations back and forth between the drivers insurance company adjuster, hospital, clinics, ambulance and so many more.. with her expert negotiations, all medical bills and fees were paid. I got a check, 3 times more than what I expected. I was thrilled! I am grateful to Caroline and her team for everything she has done, and how well it was done, I’m grateful for them for taking away all the pressure and worries so I could focus on getting better and getting back to my normal self.. Iam quite impressed with her work ethic and professionalism. Hopefully this will be my first and last accident, But I will recommend them to all my friends and loved ones who is in search of an excellent attorney. I am truly lucky to have found them...”

    Kelly Youssef

  • The due diligence exemplified by Tony Kalka and his staff is top notch.

    “From the beginning, 7 days after my accident, Tony Kalka was the most professional and concerned attorney I had spoken with. Due to my injuries, Mr. Kalka met with me at my home. He was very candid and open with me, and no question I had went unanswered. Immediately I felt comfortable with him. My case went on for the better part of a year, all the while, he and his associates worked on building my case. Tony was also very instrumental in assisting me with managing my finances and getting the best medical care at the time. The due diligence exemplified by Tony Kalka and his staff is top notch, and, I feel, unsurpassed by not a single law firm in the Atlanta or surrounding area! I owe total success in the case his patience and understanding of all the intricacies involved with my accident. His knowledgeable staff is friendly and on top of everything. The efforts put forth by Tony and his colleagues allowed me concentrate on my physical and mental recovery. I placed it all in his hands, and I was not let down! I have grown to look at Tony as a friend, and will use The Kalka Law Group in an instant in the future. Tony will not let you down; if you go in open minded, listen what he says and follow his direction. I have and will continue to recommend The Kalka Law Group as the premier accident trial attorneys in this state.”

    Mike T.

  • The Kalka Law Group is more than just a group of lawyers, but have quickly become friends... and for that, I'm forever thankful.

    “When my Mom was killed in January of 2013 due to a motor vehicle accident, I wasn't sure what to do, where to turn, or how to handle the legal side of the situation. I soon discovered The Kalka Law Group, and realized almost immediately that I had found more than just a law firm. There will never be enough words that can describe the type of lawyer, professional, confidant, and friend that Tony Kalka and Renee Smith have been thru the entire ordeal of my case. To say that they have gone above and beyond, is a complete understatement. They have done more than I could have ever imagined to make myself and my family feel more than just like another client in their office. Aside from doing an impeccable job with my case, they made me feel comfortable, important, and allowed a helping hand in dealing with the loss of my Mom. In my eyes, The Kalka Law Group are more than just lawyers, but have quickly become friends... and for that, I'm forever thankful.”

    Meg B.

  • Amazing Job!!!!

    “My experience with Matthew was nothing short of amazing! Matthew went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of. I didn't have to worry or lift a finger to do anything. I would recommend Kalka & Baer in a heartbeat. I just can't say THANK YOU enough.”

    Angelique Turner

  • Very professional attorney's

    “I've really like how they reached out to me during the time of tragedy that I had currently faced, not only were they considerate but also sat down and talked with me personally not just on the phone an broke things down to where I was fully able to understand just what was being said. From my personal experience I would recommend them to anyone who's looking for lawyers who actually cares about the individual and listens.”


  • I highly recommend Tony and his team!

    “I highly recommend Tony and his team! They are very professional and know how to get the MOST for all of their clients! I was involved in an auto accident last year and Tony has made my life so much easier and got me the max available! I have also recommended them to many family and friends who have all raved about their experience with Tony! If you have the unfortunate experience of an auto accident (or any accident for that matter!) I highly recommend you contact The Kalka Law Group...you won't regret it!”


  • He went well beyond the call of duty. He, an amazing attorney and a good guy.

    “I would never use another attorney for personal injury. Tony loves his job and it shows in his work! When I retained his services, I was hopeless that anything co. happen with my case. Because of him, I received a much-needed surgery due to my accident. He went well beyond the call of duty. He, an amazing attorney and a good guy.”


  • Man did they deliver on their promise.

    “When I first met with Tony at The Kalka Law Group, I asked them if they would go bat for me. I expected the answer would be yes. Man did they deliver on their promise. They fought hard make sure I received the recovery necessary get me and my family back on our feet after the accident. I have attorneys for life.”

    E Ripley

  • Jackie & the team at The Kalka Law Group helped to alleviate the anxiety and stress. Their patience, kindness, and professionalism were prevalent always.

    “Being in an accident is a traumatic event. Jackie & the team at The Kalka Law Group helped to alleviate the anxiety and stress caused by this accident. They did their job effortlessly. They stayed in constant contact with me and always answered my questions, even when I had many. Their patience, kindness and professionalism was prevalent always. I would recommend and will refer anyone who's service they offer to THIS firm. I'm absolutely amazed and this experience has made me realize that there are some good lawyers out there that really care about you and are not just money hungry. Thank God for you!”

    Keena C.

  • Best In Town

    “I have been working with The Kalka Law Group for a few months now and they have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and attentive. I was involved in a motorcycle accident and it wasn't easy for me to be mobile. Tony Kalka personally visited my home and explained to me in full the process of my situation. My paralegal has been extremely informative about the entire process, they followed up with me on a regular basis, and replied to my emails within minutes (which I greatly appreciate!). Without Tony and Matthew, I’m not sure what I would have done. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for quality service.”

    David P.

  • Tony was referred highly from a friend and did not disappoint.

    “Tony was referred highly from a friend and did not disappoint. I appreciate everything he has done for us and enjoy working as a "team" with him throughout this process. Tony is always available to take your calls and spend the time necessary to answer any and all your questions. I saw where he was awarded GA Super Lawyers in 2014. This is definitely a well-deserved honor.”


  • Every other Lawyer gave me the run around...stop searching. Pick Matthew Broun

    “I was hit by a car. The car hit me going about 80mph. I went through the windshield and landed on the street. My ankle was touching my earlobe. The car never stopped. Until I was inside the car. I was left on the road for almost an hour, before I was put on a stretcher. They thought I was dying. In fact I should have. I was left with lasting injuries and a compound fracture. I have this rod and screws in my leg that I will live with forever. My life will never be the same. I lived in a wheelchair for 6 months. I am just now starting to walk "without assistance" again. The person that hit me had the worst insurance policy in Georgia. Every time an Attorney heard the insurance company name...they disappeared. Everyone but Matthew. He called me right back after I typed my message on the website. For the first time since my accident (happened a little over year ago today) I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He was personal. He did not promise me anything he could not deliver. He got me the most he could out of the limited money that I could get from this horrible insurance company. On a more personal level. I had a deadline I was determined to meet. My Step Father was terminally ill, given very little time to live. I told Matthew that his LAST dying wish was to see me with a car.(I knew that I would be able to get a car with the settlement money.) I told Matthew that I knew it might be impossible to achieve. His response was, "I work better under pressure". I received my settlement amount which was above what I thought I would get. (I thought, he would take as much money as he could and leave me with the rest. I mean after all he is an Attorney- they have to make their money too. He did not.) I received a message on a Tuesday saying that they were ready to distribute. I met him at his office two days later, on Thursday. I got my settlement. I searched for a car asap. I found my car on Saturday. Paid for it in full. Brought it so that my Step Dad could see it. He passed away surrounded by myself and family on that Tuesday. A week to the date I received the message from Matthew. Not only did he make a miracle happen. He made several happen. Before I left his office that day, he said something that stuck with me. He let me know just because I had received my settlement that he was STILL my Attorney. If I needed anything or had any questions to please reach out to him. He promised to help the best way he could. He was personal. I was not just another file in his office. I was a person. I was prepared for the WORST. He helped give me my life back. Personally, if you read this and you DO NOT choose this lawyer. I promise you, you will regret it. There will come a point where you will be somewhere, wishing you had picked Matthew. Do not make that mistake. Do not be just another file is some law firms office. This was the hardest year of my life. Thank you Matthew and Natalie you kept your word. You worked hard for me to get as much as I could. I will never forget your dedication and personal attention to my life. I hope this helps someone make the right decision. You can trust in these HUMANS. Thank you again...from the bottom of my heart. You both made it happen. Your next step should be to click on that free case consultation. CONTACT Natalie and Matthew Broun. Do it now. WHAT are you waiting for? That Attorney to call you back? It has been days, they are not going to call. Don't know who to trust? I am a human being...from human to human...take a deep breath, relax your jaw, remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth and let your shoulders relax. You've found your light at the end of the tunnel.”

    Kristina R

  • They are true professionals and importantly, they are also friends.

    “Our family experienced a personal tragedy last winter with the death of a dear family member due to terrible accident. Tony and his team were compassionate and worked with us through the entire process, taking extra care to explain any complications and challenges presented by the case. They were also terrific in working with all sides to get us the best possible outcome as quickly as possible which went a long way in helping our family start to move beyond the tragedy. While I certainly never wish the same type of experience on anyone, I would without a doubt recommend Tony and his team for any matters of personal injury, accidents, or wrongful death. They are true professionals and importantly, they are also friends.”

    Mike P.

  • Tony handled my accident claim and I was completely 100% satisfied with the services I received.

    “About 4 years ago Tony handled my accident claim and I was completely 100% satisfied with the services I received. Today my daughter was in a car accident and the first person who came to my mind was TONY. I texted him and he immediately returned my text and remembered who I was. That is the kind of service a person needs in times of distress. Tony I appreciate you MAN.”

    Aaron Christopher

  • Tony and Alfred an Amazing team! Dream Team Firm!!

    “My experience working with Tony Kalka and Alfred Evans at The Kalka Law Group, has truly been a blessing. The process was seamless. When I initially had the accident I didn’t think I would need an attorney. As the pain continued to progress to the point where I needed numerous procedures, I went to AVVO.com to make sure I selected the right firm. Skeptical about dealing with attorneys from past experiences, I met with several attorneys before actually selecting one. Since the day I signed the retainer with Tony and Alfred I had not one concern with the advice or service. They make a remarkable team. They were always available, very knowledgeable, and professional. They made sure they were very thorough and explained every little detail. They were very personable and empathetic, which was exhibited throughout the case. When it came down to structuring my settlement, they put me in the perfect position and they were very transparent and diligent, in not just getting the best settlement offer, but also reducing my liability such as medical bills, etc. This firm is very well respected in the industry and because of that they were able to settle my case within the first 30 days of the demand letter. Before you select any attorney, meet with Tony and Alfred at The Kalka Law Group and I am sure you will go with this firm, and understand why they are among the most respected and prestigious lawyers and law firm in the Greater Atlanta Area.”

    Ron H.

  • Extraordinary!

    “Tony was able to get me a settlement from three insurance companies. Extraordinary! My husband was killed through no fault of his own, in an auto accident in August, 2014 and I used The Kalka Law Group to settle the case for me. I couldn't be more impressed and pleased. Tony’s work ethic is incredible; he left no stone unturned. He was available to me at all times as was his staff. I texted Tony on several occasion around 10:30 at night on a weekend and I couldn't believe that he responded within minutes. There was never a time I couldn't reach him. He kept me informed at all times and even worked on Sundays. He provided a ride to and from the airport when I needed it, and offered to personally drop a check off at my house, which was 40 miles away. When he called to update me about the case, he always clearly explained my options and together we decided on a course of action. Not only is Tony a remarkable attorney, but he is an extraordinary human being.”


  • Best law firm in Atlanta

    “This was my very first case Matthew and his team worked hard to get my case resolved I appreciate him n the law firm I recommend this law firm to anyone thank u Matthew for helping me with my case I appreciate u and God bless. ”

    Kytonia R.

  • They worked diligently to resolve my issue and addressed any concerns I had in a timely manner.

    “I was referred to The Kalka Law Group by a co-worker who spoke very highly of this firm. His recommendation to contact them did not lead to disappointment. They worked diligently to resolve my issue and addressed any concerns I had in a timely manner. Matthew Blake is one of the most committed and patient professionals I've ever worked with. My initial meeting with Mr. Kalka and Mr. Blake left a lasting impression on me and if I ever need a personal injury attorney again I definitely have to look no further than The Kalka Law Group. Thank you!”


  • Honest and trustworthy.

    “Tony and his team put together a case and helped me when no one else could I was able to get a recovery. I was going to have to shell out lots of money but he helped me to get these medical bills paid from an accident and was fair did not tell me something that he could not follow through with. Honest and trustworthy. Use these guys for any accident. They are the accident Lawyers for sure.”

    C Rabren

  • Their preparation was absolutely impeccable. Never have I seen a case handled and prepared for better.

    “Recently Mr Kalka and Mr Broun handled a law suit filed on behalf of my self regarding the hit and run accident of my brother in Atlanta on 20Nov2015. I live in Tucson, Az. So I looked on the internet and found this law firm had a 5 star rating. I had to go to Atlanta to take care of my brothers affairs. I called and set up a meeting with Mr Kalka and Mr Broun. When we got to their office my wife and I met with both lawyers, we were both impressed not only with their demeanor but with their professionalism as well. They were very reassuring and said they could get me standing with the court. They did more than I could ever have expected The case is over now and they got a settlement about 10 times what I originally thought. The case went to arbitration and they had all the bases covered. For every thing the opposition complained about they had a prepared response. Their preparation was absolutely impeccable. I thought about it afterward and realized that the way they prepared and handled the case was exactly the way I would have done it. I am a retired Chicago Police officer and spent time in the Traffic Division so I have been a part of many similar court cases. Never have I seen one handled and prepared for better. Anyone looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in my opinion could do no better than to engage and hire The Kalka Law Group”

    Wayne Koral

  • Best law firm in Atlanta

    “Matthew is one of the best lawyers here in Atlanta I didn't think my case wasn't worth anything but he took his time him n his team to help me gathered all the information he needed and got the best results as possible I can not thank u enough ”


  • Tony was able to settle my case in a timely manner and I received a nice settlement!

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